A tribute to funny

 It is still fun to watch a talented impressionist, such as Frank Caliendo , or Kevin Pollak. Yet  the age of the individual mimic as a featured  television act seems to have passed. Those who have a penchant for voices and imitation are still an asset to shows such as Saturday Night Live and can still be stars in clubs. It is doubtful, however, that there will be a return to the days when an impressionist was the featured  guest on a  TV program, or that there will ever be an entire show devoted to impressionists such as was the case with The Kopycats.
In 1963, Impersonator  Vaughn Meader became famous for his imitation of President John F. Kennedy. He was the principal cast  member of the best-selling album, The First Family.  David Frye had a career based upon imitating political figues mostly. He performed on popular  albums, including  Richard Nixon Superstar in 1971.
David Letterman has had a special segment on his show called Impressionist Week. Isolating and highlighting impressionists that way, showed an appreciation and was great fun to watch, yet also served to separate them from other comedians.  Here is a list of some of the older and also more current impressionists for you to watch. We have included some people you might not have realized also were impressionists.

Will Jordan

George Kirby

Marilyn  Michaels

Frank  Gorshin

More Kevin Pollak                                               

John Byner

Rich Little

Fred Travelena

And did you know they also did impressions?

Jimmy Fallon

Kevin Spacey

Bobby Darin

Sammy Davis Jr

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