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Comedians Who Were On The Ed Sullivan Show

The Ed Sullivan Show is a major part of comedy history. The variety show aired from 1948 to to 1971.   Originally called  Toast of The Town,  the show was watched by millions of families every Sunday night at 8PM. Ed himself was a controversial figure. The Museum of Broadcast Communications webpage is a good resource to learn about him.  Impersonators would make fun of his stiff and seemingly humorless personality, yet at the same time it was that very personality that allowed him to " get out of the way" and make the perfomers the stars of his show. No one can doubt his influence and his ability to understand talent and show business.  Below is a list of comedians, comedy teams, impressionists, and other perfomers who primarily used comedy in their acts. All of them appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. Some of the performers are mentioned on other parts of  Laughpath, but many are not.  In an effort to present them to you, we have used different sources. In some case you will find videos from YouTube, in others newspaper or magazine articles, IMDb pages, Wikipedia, and sometimes the obituaries of the comedian.  When the perfomer's name is followed by an * , there is a video of an actual Ed Sullivan Show performance. There are numerous videos that include other performers. This page was fun to develop and contains much show business history.  Enjoy!

Ace Trucking Company

Don Adams

Joey Adams

Steve Allen

Woody Allen

Marty Allen & Steve Rossi

Morey  Amsterdam

Mark Antone and Jackie Curtis

Bobbi  Baker

Carl Ballantine

Kaye Ballard

Sandy Baron

Dave Barry

Shelley Berman

Al Bernie

Ken Berry

Joey Bishop

Wally Boag

Victor Borge

David Brenner

Albert Brooks

Carol Burnett *

Jack Burns  & Avery Schreiber

Red Buttons

Pat Buttram

John Byner

Sid Caesar

Charlie Callas

Dick Capri

Ron Carey

George Carlin *

Art Carney

Jean Carroll

Johnny Carson

Jack Carter

Roy Castle

Dick Cavett

Dick Clair & Jenna McMahon

Imogene Coca

Myron Cohen

Pat Cooper

Tommy Cooper

Bill Cosby

Norm Crosby

Bill Dana

Rodney Dangerfield *

Davis and Reese

Charlie Drake

Phyllis Diller *

James Edmondson (Professor Backwards)

Bob Elliot & Ray Goulding

Totie Fields *

Frank Fontaine

Frankie Ford and Gary Reynolds

Phil Ford & Mimi Hines

Redd Foxx

Stan Freberg

David Frye *

Alan Gale

Eddie Garr

Sid Gary

Jack Gilford

Jackie Gleason *

George Gobel

Frank Gorshin

Vic Grecco & Fred Willard

Dick Gregory

Shecky Greene

Morty Gunty

Buddy Hackett

Peter Lind Hayes & Mary Healy

Richard Hearne

Dickie Henderson

Tony Hendra &  Nick Ullett

Pat Henning

Bob Hope

George Jessel

Will Jordan *

Jackie Kahane

Georgie Kaye

Buster Keaton

Adam Keefe

Alan King *

Bob King

George Kirby

Robert Klein

Bert Lahr

London Lee

Jack E. Leonard

Sam Levenson

Joe E. Lewis

Rich Little

Marc London

Greg Lewis &  Gus Christy

Paul Lynde

Moms Mabley

Guy Marks

Peter Marshall & Tommy Noonan

Jackie Mason

Charlie Manna
Dewey Markham

Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis

Vaughn Meader *

Marilyn Michaels

Scoey  Mitchell

Corbett  Monica

Eric Morecambe  & Ernie Wise

Jan Murray

Ken Murray

Bob Newhart

Mike Nichols and Elaine May

Pat O'Brian

Minnie Pearl

The Pickle Brothers

Richard Pryor *

Roger Ray

Elliott Reid

Charles Nelson Reilly
Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks

Don  Rickles

Joan Rivers *

Timmie Rogers

Dan Rowan & Dick Martin

Nipsey Russell

Mort Sahl

Soupy Sales

Eddie Schaffer

Lennie Schultz

Jerry Shane

Dick Shawn

Allan Sherman

Red Skelton *

Skiles & Henderson

Joe Smith & Charles Dale

Smothers Brothers *

David Steinberg

Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara 

Larry Storch

Morty Storm

Rip Taylor

Danny Thomas

The Three Stooges

Jerry Van Dyke

Jackie Vernon

Nancy Walker

Irwin C. Watson

Johnny Wayne & Frank Shuster

Senor Wences *

Bert Wheeler and Tom Dillon

Flip Wilson *

Henny Youngman *