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Laughpath is devoted to learning about, and preserving, the history of comedy.The aim is to make that learning pleasurable. You do not have to view the links in any particular order. Start anywhere! Go anywhere! Wander about our school! By the way, did you know that there is a  group of comedians who themselves started out as teachers? They include Sam Levenson, Robert Klein, and Dennis Wolfberg. Most used their experiences in their acts.Some became professors after they became known. They include Jerry Lewis and Mort Sahl.

Interview with Milton Berle

Interview with Bud Abbott

Moe Howard and The Three Stooges

Freddie Roman recalls the Catskills

The Story of Gene Baylos

Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner interview

Your Show of Shows cast

A Woody Allen Interview 

Stan Laurel's Eulogy by Dick Van Dyke

Groucho Marx  Interview

Interview with Jerry Lewis

Second City History

Redd Foxx Interview

The N Word and Richard Pryor

George Carlin and  the Seven Dirty  Words case

The Phil  Silvers Appreciation Society

Interview with Bill Murray

A Tribute to Sillent Comedians and Slapstick Comedy

Rowan and  Martin's Laugh-In

Interview with Steve Allen

Top-Selling Comedy LPs  of 1961 

Article about  Mel  Brooks' Comedy

Shelly Berman Speaks About His Life

Alan Zweibel on origin of SNL

Obituary of Hal Roach Who Died at 100 Years Old

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Moe&Paul Howard Thanks to Paul Howard